Expect to have FUN - you will need to bring a sense of humour with you

Expect to meet NEW FRIENDS - you won't be left sitting on your own

Expect to GET FIT without realising you're exercising - you may get hot, so in the intrests of hygine, and to maintain a pleasent enviroment, please shower and use deodorant before arrival. Although our venues have Air-Conditioning or Strong Fans, you might also find that a towel and a change of top may be useful on some warmer evenings

Expect to IMPRESS your friends - within just 6 short weeks, you'll be amazed at your new dance skills

Expect it to be a lot EASIER than you could imagine - no complicated fancy footwork to confuse you

Expect to FORGET your TROUBLES - if only for a few hours... & Finally

Expect to go home wondering WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS YEARS AGO? SEE PHOTOS BELOW





The evening begins at 7.45pm with the start of a 45 minute, 3 or 4 move Beginners class. There are 20 Beginners/Foundation moves in total. Each week you will be taught 3 or 4 of the 20 Beginners/Foundation moves. 1 from the previous week + 2 or 3 new ones. (you will be changing partners every few minutes)

At 8.30pm the moves will have been linked together into a routine which you can practice over the next 30 minutes 'Freestyle period' along with moves taught during previous weeks.

At 9.00pm we start the 40 minute Intermediate class (we also run a review class of the earlier beginners moves routine in another room for the newer members at this time). Each week we will teach 3 Intermediate moves which are a little more challenging. There are probably over 1,000 Intermediate moves to date, of which we have selected 50 which we call 'core moves'. 1 of the core moves will be taught each week plus 2 of the none core moves.

At 9.40pm the 3 moves will have been linked together into a routine and we move on to the second Freestyle session which lasts until 10.45pm.

Throughout the Freestyle periods, everyone is encouraged to ask each other to dance. That means the ladies asking the men, as well as the men asking the ladies.

Jive Fever Freestyle nights aim to provide you with Pure none stop Freestyle music & dancing. We at Jive Fever believe that 'Freestyles' are just that - for Freestyle dancing. Fun classes aren't included at Freestyle events; if you want a 'Fun Class' then join us at our Rowheath venue on Tuesday nights.

Our Freestyles have always been well attended, attracting dancers from far and wide to our premier Midlands Modern Jive venues. (see website photos)

We have a reputation for a faultless mix of the latest Modern Jive Chart Hits / Old Classics / Latin & Swing, with an Infusion of Smooth Blues music at our Freestyles, attracting dancers from the Midlands and beyond.

UNFORTUNATELY after 10 1/2 Years, our first club - COVENTRY JAG CLUB Closed in 2013 & has now been Demolished :-(






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