Our Next Monthly Modern Jive Freestyle at The Shirley Centre

Future 2019 Freestyle dates to be arranged

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Coventry Freestyle

JIVEFEVER Modern Jive is a Midlands based  Dance Company running 
regular classes and events in and around Birmingham & Coventry.

Here at FEVER, we pride ourselves on not only offering Modern Jive 
Instruction of the highest quality, but also of the most entertaining.

Our class nights are structured around having Fun.

JIVEFEVER Modern Jive is aimed at all ages. We have 3 generations of 
dancers all strutting their stuff together.

Our Fabulous
FEVER Crew who you'll see at the regular class nights 
sporting their distinctive
FEVER Crew shirts, are all people that love 
to dance, are all friendly approachable people, and part of a team 
that get a kick out of helping other dancers.

We at
FEVER recognise the need for everyone to help
each other. We  were all beginners once and for this reason, we advocate a strictly 
DON'T say NO regime at all our events. If someone has had the courage 
to ask us for a dance, we dance.

Don't settle for second best

Our dance Instructors have completed and passed a rigorous Modern Jive 
Instructor training course made up of:

1; Course Structure, consisting of:
a; Dancing - Body Movement
b; Talking - Words timed to Movements
c; Class structure
d; Interaction
e; Stage Persona
f; Written test

2; Move Structure, consisting of:
a; Feeling
b; Positioning
c; Identifying Beats
d; Key Points
e; Teaching a 4-move sequence
f; Written test

3; Stage Craft, consisting of:
a; Headsets
b; Working with Demonstrators
c; Problem Handling
d; Teaching a Class
e; Tests

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