Modern jive is a combination of many well-known dance styles such as 
Jive, Salsa, Rock-n-Roll and Ballroom to name but a few.

Unlike most dance styles that have grown up around a certain type of 
music in a certain era, Modern Jive lends itself to almost any musical style from 40s swing, through the decades
up to today's latest pop chart music.

Modern jive is not a dance just of the moment, it's been around for 
over 20 years and its increasing popularity has made it the fastest 
growing partner dance around today.

The reason for this is that it is easy to learn (no fancy footwork) 
along with its fantastic visual impact.

Within a few short weeks, total beginners to Modern Jive can look as 
if they've been dancing for years.

Not only this, Modern Jive is undoubtedly the most social of all dance 
styles. The way the classes are structured, dancers are constantly 
changing partners throughout the lessons, and then after each song 
during the freestyle period, the ladies are encouraged to ask 
the men to dance as well as the men asking the ladies.

For this reason, you don't need to bring a partner, there is no 
special type of clothing required, and you don't need to book - just 
turn up and bring along a sense of humour & a towel (you will
get hot). You will also be entertained whilst dancing yourself fit.

In short, Modern Jive has it all.

It’s EASY to learn,

It's great FUN,

It's extremely SOCIAL,

It's a great way to KEEP FIT.


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